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Maturity & bac

A requirement for entry to university (including "hautes écoles"), the education stage of "gymnase" ("collège" for some Cantons) represents an important part of education. The student is quickly confronted with a heavy work load in a variety of subjects. Every day, he needs to gather new information; numerous students lose their footing, faced with the pace imposed on them. This situation makes it necessary to identify learning gaps and difficulties and recognize the importance of a structured plan of action.

Our teachers provide support every week:  this frequency and regularity allows efficient preparation for each important deadline (intermediary tests and end of year exams).

Our services are also available for those following a professionnal maturité. This form of study is presently going through a restructuring, dividing the curriculum into three areas:

  • national languages and mathematics
  • subjects linked with the profession
  • economy, accountancy and finance, information and communication, law and culture