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An apprenticeship is demanding: as well as a working knowledge of the chosen branch, it implies studying technical and academic subjects that need to be assimilated by the apprentice.  A number of factors can compromise a successful apprenticeship:

  • subject ill understood
  • poorly assimilated material  
  • lack of supervision or coaching 
  • badly organised work

To prevent these problems, we put the pupils in contact with teachers from technical colleges who understand the subject and apprenticeship process.

Information concerning assistance for "professionnal maturité" is developed under the MATURITE/BAC section.



In constrained times it is increasingly difficult to find staff to oversee apprentices, particularly since as part of their responsibilities, these supervisors must help the apprentice with their studies and preparation for exams. We propose reducing this workload by offering to companies the services of one or more teachers relative to the number of pupils and subjects to be covered.

If you are interested by the category "In-company oversight", we invite you to contact one of our Counsellors.