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Becoming a teacher - selection process

explication des procedures de selection easyprofs - programme de recrutement

Easyprofs.ch's recruitment is principally directed at students of Swiss Hautes Ecoles: universities, technical schools, engineering schools and teacher training institutes. The choice of expertise is based on pupils needs. Since our education offer is not limited to a specific number of subjects, any type of expertise may be required.

Our recruiting process takes place in several stages:

1. Identification :

After clicking on the zone [espace prof], you first need to create a personal account. We also offer the possibility for those who already have an etubox* to use it.

2. General information :

Once the account has been opened and validated, you must start by complete it. This step could take a few minutes, but is important for the rest of the process. All the administrative information needed will be taken from this interface.

Personal information: First name, last name, date of birth, address, telephone number.
The completion of this part is obligatory.
Bank information Please determine the type of account (bank account or postal / swiss) and to which account we should transfer salary.
The completion of this part is obligatory.
Languages Insert the languages known and clearly indicate the level (spoken, written, reading and comprehension).
The completion of this part is obligatory.
Education Insert the schools attended and certificates and diplomas received.
The completion of this part is obligatory.
Experience Quote professional experience (not necessarily in education). Depending on the mandates that are given to us, this information can be important.
The completion of this part is not obligatory but strongly recommended.
Mobility information Our selection procedures take into account the means of transport of our teachers so as to avoid unnecessary difficulties in reaching a pupil.
The completion of this part is not obligatory but strongly recommended.
Computer skills Certain courses include technological expertise. This interface gives a basic idea of a teacher's competence in this area.
The completion of this part is not obligatory.

3. Easyprof's profile:

After having completed the personal information section, the last step consists of completing the part relating specifically to easyprof.ch's activities. The completion of each part is necessary in applying to give lessons.

Pedagogic experience Quote references linked to education. Depending on the mandates we are given this information can be important.
Certificates and other useful documents Every completed course must be accompanied by a diploma; for current studies the copy of a "marks bulletin" or an "attestation" is sufficient.
Teaching requests Define subjects that can be taught; these are sorted by subject. For each choice, indicate your level (type of pupil).
Location availability Describe geographic availability per day? During a typical week.
General availability Indicate the ideal time to give a lesson? During a typical week.
Pedagogic questionnaire
Answer a series of questions and examples. Access to the questionnaire is given after filing out the rest of this form.

This step takes a few minutes, but it is only done once. This means it is necessary to be precise and give it maximum attention. It is important to keep your profile updated (change of address, change of teaching requests or location, adding experience detail as you gain it).

4. Giving a lesson:

Announcements / Available lessons

Viewing an announcement concerning a course is open to all. Applying is limited to users who have completed their profile.

A lesson announcement is shown as follows:

Reference number This information is recalled at each step of the mission. It systematically starts with SHLP, followed by a six figure number.
Subject Course needed.
Level Pupil's profile.
Place Lesson's place (with map). The road and number are only given to the chosen teacher.
Pupil Sex and age of the pupil.
Package Number of hours bought by the pupil.
Salary Hourly rate, brut, in Swiss francs.

Advertised posts/ My inscriptions

If you are interested in an advertised post ("annonces") all you need to do is click on "apply". Once this is done, the announcement becomes an application and is visible in the foreground area.

My lessons

This section regroups all the procedures followed after a teacher has been chosen. It's the heart of the project!

My lessons / Plan

The interface assembles the planning of the courses. A course is divided into lessons (that have to be planned with the pupil) that are in blocks of 15 minutes; a lesson takes minimum 60 minutes.  The system automatically indicates the number of teaching hours left.

To plan a lesson, all you need to do is to point out on the agenda one or several possible start times. The system matches the availabilities of the pupil (in yellow) and those of the teacher (in blue). The green zones indicate a match. The easyprofs.ch team recommends giving these times priority.
Several meeting times can be chosen. Once validated, they will be indicated to the pupil who can chose one or suggest others.

My lessons / Calendar

This option gives an overview of general activities; it is possible to add private elements to it (only visible to the teacher).

My lessons / Feedback

After every lesson, the teacher is invited to give feedback that is structured as follows:

Specify the length of the lesson: the unit used is a quarter of an hour (15 minutes)
This part is visible to the pupil after it has been validated by the head teacher.
Synthesis of the lesson Indicate the points discussed, the questions asked, but also open ideas (questions not answered or future discussions).
This part is visible to the pupil after being validated by the head teacher.
Remarks Information for the head teacher or for the person responsible for the easyprofs.ch project.
This part is not visible to the pupil.
Date of the next lesson Insertion of the date of the next meeting discussed with pupil.
This part is visible to the pupil.

Feedback plays an essential role in the easyprofs.ch project; once validated by the pupil it allows one:

  • to confirm the time of the next lesson
  • to keep a history of all activities 
  • to calculate the number of hours left for the completion of the course 
  • to count the number of hours worked for calculating salary