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Frequently asked questions (FAQ`s)



In what regions are your courses available?
Our services are available throughout Switzerland. We will find you a competent teacher as near to you as possible.

Is it possible to benefit from a free trial lesson?
Currently we do not offer trial courses.

Can lessons take place on week-ends, bank holidays and during school holidays?
The lessons are planned in accordance with your available time and that of the teacher. It is very important to clearly indicate your wishes in your initial request. When you order your lesson you will be asked to specify your preferred days and times.

What must I do if I need lessons in a subject that is not listed?
If you wish to take a course in a subject that is not listed on our site please contact our office.


How can I find a teacher?
To find a teacher all you need to do is contact easyprofs. It will take the necessary steps to meet your needs.

Who are the teachers ?
Our teachers are generally students or young graduates.

On what criteria do you base your research of teachers?
Easyprofs teachers are recruited after an aptitude test and an individual interview.  For each candidate we check the validity of the diplomas awarded by the competent institutions, their teaching capacities and also their human capabilities in order to ensure quality teaching.

How can I contact the teacher?
easyprofs leaves the teacher and pupil to choose the most efficient and quickest means to make contact with each other. Moreover we provide them with private interface to help plan their lessons.


How do I reserve a course?
Course reservations are only possible through our website.  To access our service you must start by filling out a form to create your user account.  This will only take you a few minutes.  We will respond to your request rapidly (maximum: the next working day).

What are the different methods of payment?
You may pay for your course by invoice, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Postcard) or via Paypal. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions on our website.  The internet payment is perfectly safe. More information on methods of payment.


How are the courses planned and arranged?
Access to your course will be available when we receive confirmation of your payment.  From then on you will be free to choose the time and frequency of your lessons in accordance with your availability and that of your teacher.

What happens during the first lesson?
During the first lesson the teacher works with the pupil to define their level, needs and priorities.

Is there are course review and monitoring process?
You will have a dedicated area on the website, allowing you to view your progress and see which objectives have been reached during each lesson. This area is updated by the teacher at the end of each session.

Can I cancel a lesson?
For organisational reasons, except in exceptional circumstances, to cancel a lesson you must advise the teacher in advance and easyprofs must agree your request.  Please consult the general terms and conditions for more information.

How may I change the time or place of a lesson?
It is possible to move a lesson. This is done in agreement with the teacher who must always be warned at least two working days in advance. In the same way, the teacher must warn you 2 days in advance if he cannot give a planned lesson. To use this possibility you must go to your dedicated area on the website and chose the « change a lesson » option.

Is it possible to combine several subscriptions? (ex: a maths package + a history package)
When you subscribe for a course of lessons, this is only available for one subject. If you wish to buy another package of lessons you must buy one for each subject.  It is possible to combine several subscriptions.

Can I use hours I have for Maths instead for example for Fench?
No, each subscription gives access to one subject only.  It's not possible to move your lessons to another subject.

Will the pupil always have the same teacher?
We make it our duty to check our teacher's competences, motivation and their wishes to teach long term.   If possible, we guarantee you the same teacher throughout your contract.

Is there a hotline?
Easyprofs has a hotline service (0840-000-111) you can contact us during working hours (Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm).  We also have online support to which you may send an e-mail from your personal account.

Who is responsible for buying books, paying for photocopies, etc.?
Any books or photocopies the pupil needs are obtained his own expense. The teacher will try to use the pupils' own books as much as possible.  If the pupil is learning a new subject the teacher can suggest the acquisition of a book.

How long is the package valid for?
A package is valid for 12 months from the order date.